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Q:   Do you install trailer hitches?

A:    No we do not. There are some shops that we work with in the area that we can refer you to if needed.

Q:   Do you offer custom automotive interiors and upholstery?

A:    Yes. We fabricate and create complete custom interiors including custom upholstery.


Q:   Do you do collision repair?

A:    No, we are not a body shop. We offer paint services only as an upgrade.


Q:   Do you tint windows?

A:    No we do not. There are some shops that we work with in the area that we can refer you to if needed.


Q:   Do you repair automotive upholstery?

A:    No we do not. We offer custom upholstery services.


Q:   Do you offer vehicle maintenance and repair services?

A:    No. We are not a vehicle mechanic shop.


Q:   Do you offer vehicle detailing services?

A:    No we do not.


Q:   Do you install ignition interlock devices?

A:    No we do not.




Q:   I don’t like how my vehicle's factory stereo sounds. What can I do?

A:    There are a variety of solutions if you’re not satisfied with the factory stereo system in your vehicle. We offer free                  consultations by appointment. Together, we can find a solution to fit your wants and needs within your budget.


Q:   If I buy car audio products from somewhere else, can you install them for me?

A:    Generally, yes. We would need to meet for a scheduled consultation to review what products you have, their                        compatibility with your vehicle and to make sure all of the necessary components are present.


Q:   I had a different shop install audio components in my vehicle, but something wasn’t done right. Can you fix it?

A:    The answer to that is, it depends. We offer diagnostic appointments by appointment. These generally start at a half            hour of labor minimum. We will try to find the problem and then discuss a solution with you. We are not liable for                faulty work done by other shops, but we can try to help you with a solution.


Q:   How long will it be before I can get my vehicle in for service.

A:    Timeline to the date of installation varies. Generally, we will have a consultation with you where we decide on what              products/services you need. We will create an invoice with an estimate. 


Q:   Can I get an estimate for services over the phone or via email?

A:    No. We might be able to help give you an idea of how much a product would cost or about how long it would take            us to complete a service, but we do not give estimates or quotes via phone or email.


Q:   I’ll be in the area tomorrow, can I stop in to talk about improvements for my vehicle?

A:    We are working by appointment only. We have locked our lobby and we have to let most phone calls go to voicemail so we can focus on projects and meet our deadlines. Please call to schedule an appointment.

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