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Why Choose LCC?

Quality of Materials

We work with quality materials in all of our projects. In audio projects, we work with products from Alpine, Hertz, and Audison. In upholstery, we use only the finest leather, vinyl and suede available. For custom fabrication, we use Expanded PVC and ABS Plastics in place of wood when appropriate.


Different Budgets

Thanks to the variety of products we offer and different options for performing tasks, we are able to work with different budgets.


Projects Completed In-House

Each project is carried out from beginning to end by our team of professionals.


Every Project is Special

We treat all of our work as a unique individual project, not an assembly line production.


Andrew Torke

August 20, 2022

Jeff and Eric have been completely restoring my fathers 1982 Chevy Suburban. That Diesel beast was brought into Lake Country Customs as a rusty POS… Jeff and Eric have been working their magic restoring the old Suburban filled with childhood memories for years now. We’re finally on the last leg and just got word we will have it back by year end!!! My father was ecstatic to hear this news, after years of painstaking work performed by Jeff and Eric we know it’s going to be just as we remember it when it was purchased back in 1982! I might now be able to stand up in the back as I did as a kid but the sentimental value is priceless and my father truly looks forward to getting his everyday driver back! We can’t wait to share the pictures of the project start to finish showcasing the amazing job and hard work that Lake Country Customs put into this rebuild/rehab. Thank you Lake Country Customs for making my old man so happy I can’t wait to see the smile on his face when we come and pick up the finished product! It truly makes the many many years of waiting worth the wait! Thanks for your ongoing dedicated work, follow up, and promising to deliver by end of year! We can’t wait to share the timeline and photos of this monstrous undertaking of a project… We can’t believe this ten year project is finally coming to completion and couldn’t be more excited to take back ownership of the 82 suburban… from rust bucket to a gem again!!! Thank u to everyone who assisted in this project and thanks for the update we can’t wait to pick it up and share the timeline of events to showcase the work performed! Second to none!!! I call shotgun, what memories this will bring back. We are so excited to show case the detailed timeline and photos of the amazing job done! It’s truly an unbelievable story we can’t wait to share with all the clients lucky enough to have had the pleasure of working with LCC upon recipe ot the suburban. We can’t wait!!!

Sophia Johnson

February 9, 2022

These guys are amazing! They figured out a tough electrical issue and replaced a radio with an OEM part. They were timely, friendly and communicated well throughout the appointment. Highly recommended!

February 6, 2022
Super knowledgable, cordial and they explain all the work they are doing. They helped me with an electrical problem that I suspected was related to my Smart Start, but it wasn't. I highly recommend Lake Country Customs!

Sally Rearick

June 2021

What a great business! I called them to see if they could help me with my car alarm. I had tried multiple other places, and no one was able to help me. My auto start/alarm system was broken, and I wasn’t even able to start my car. Eric helped me to override the alarm system & start my car over the phone! And when I brought it in to repair the problem, he fixed it in under an hour. He was upfront about their fees & it was very reasonable. It’s very refreshing to know that people with integrity still exist. I can’t comment on their custom work, but from what I saw in their showroom, it looks amazing! Highly recommend them

Wendy Mac

February 2021

You will not find a more detailed perfectionist than Eric when it comes to interior work! His custom work is beyond outstanding. He did such a beautiful job on my G35 some time ago and Im not kidding when I say it was so perfect I was blown away! Going back with my Yukon for some more custom touches this spring, looking so forward to having this truck done ! You will not find anyone! And I mean it , that will give you this quality of work here in Wisconsin.


Chris Sterling

July 17, 2020

Jeff and Eric did an excellent job on a 1970 Cadillac Sedan Deville! They do excellent work, very thorough, and detail oriented. I thought the price was fair given their level of detail and craftsmanship. Would recommend them to anyone needing interior work, stereo, etc.!


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